Bussinessman and his family troubles

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Bussinessman and his family troubles

I like to share with you one of my longtime cases.

My patient was born in 1978 and for the 1st time he came to me on November 2009. He was married, lived in small town and he owned small company with his brother with 10 employees. Actually his brother was my patient as well and it was kind of interesting heard bothsides story about their common company. Abviously there were two diferent points of view. For his brother it was dream job, but for him it was boring routine and big amount of stress. He was anxious and stressed from his job even if everything went well. Fear gripped his stomach every day. He drank alcohol to relieve uncontrollable stress.

Anyway he came with desquamating eczema on his arms, legs and face. He used to have it from his childhood. It got better in summer, worse in autumn and winter. Also stress in his job worsen it. He likes sunshine, it feed him with energy and put him into a good mood. The remedy I gave him was Nux vomica 30 and it has worked for him. His anxiety from his job reduced, for almost two month he felt much better. Sudenly, on January 2010, some sort of anxienty came back. But it was just about once a week. In that moment we desided to incerased potency of the same remedy to 200. It helped him a lot and everything was much better. He felt well, energazed with good energy and mood, stressless, without ekzema.    He was happy and he didn´t need homeopathy apointment for another 12 years.

He came to me again on March 2022 with different issue. Their family company works fine, he hasn´t got stress in job, but there are some troubles in merriage relationship. His wife staied at home with their kids from 2010 and she feels like „everthing is left  on me and you don´t help me at all“. However it´s very common  sensation for many mothers… They didn´t have sex for more than three month and another partnership dificulties which we, time to time, can find in families with small children.  He wasn´t able talk to her, he became to be withdrown and he sunk into depressions. Discord between him and his wife made him unhappy and he resort to alcohol again. He looked desperately sad, had astma and he felt oppression on his chest, palpitation of his heart, closed into himself, he nearly didn´t talk to me.

The first remedy I gave to him was Natrium muriaticum 10M. The reason why was to try open his deep suppressed emotions and to help him expres those emotions. What’s more, let him talk about his needs.

We followed up on April 2022. Nat-m 10M brought him relief literally like a stone felt down from his heart. But he still didn´t have any enthusiasm to nothing, any joy, any sex with his wife and he was still sad.

Don´t you think that we´re getting to the quite good point? But that´s not good enough to change his entire life. We need something quite similar. Perhaps some kind of aurum? I gave him Aurum muriaticum natronatum 1M….

On May 2022, after he took the Aur-m-n 1M  he said „it was a wilde game upcoming three days“ and he was still sad. All of his old moods were back and they were putting upside down his life. All of his anxieties, his fears and stresses as he used to have were back. After 3 days everything cleaned up and he started to feel much better. Even their broken relationship with his wife has got fixed and they do love each other again. He felt great and he had a great time. Ekzema appeared for one week and all the suden disappeared. He was happy, didn´t drink alcohol, slept well, he had good energy and mood. He didn´t have trouble to find joy in every single day.

Another apointment on October 2022: his first word when he came were „sombre autumn mood“. On July he suffered from covid, even though he was vaccinated. He took Aur-m-n 1M again and recovered from Covid quite quickly. Anyway  autumn brought him into sad mood. His relationship with his wife is still perfect, but he feels sad with no energy. He tried repeats Aur-m-n 1M but efect wasn´t as good as it used to be. We encreased potency to 10M.

When he came to controll on November 2022: after Aur-m-n 10M he felt like having an alcohol and so he drunk wine next three day after that. However his desire for alcohol disapeared as suden as it started.  On the other hand he had shortness of breath and his stomack was contracted . All of  it was just an old symphtoms and they disapeared within three days. Now he is even-tempered, without a pain, stressless, with lots of energy and in good mood. He feels happy and enjoys his life.

This case is a nice exampl when we can clearly see how much can homeopathy help our patients in all kinds of levels of their lives. We are able to balance our patients in their center, give them back joy instead of bad mood or even depression.  If there is a good homeopathic treatment it can brings to them peace and derive pleasure into their surrounding  which can improve their relationships in so many levels. Homeopathy is making our world better place. Step by step. Slowly but surely.

Petra Cihlářová