Schizophrenia cured by homeopathy

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Schizophrenia cured by homeopathy


Sometimes it looks as if homeopathy has no limits, no uncurable diseases, no „can´t be cured“ at all. It looks like restrictions are just in our minds and when we shut our mind to prejudices everything seems to be possible.

One of the examples of my daring assertion is case of young woman which I want to share with you. The first time I saw her in July 2020. Her father brought her to me. Even she was 29 years old, she wasn´t  able to come on her own. In her nineteenth she has been diagnosticated by psychosis with schizophrenia symptoms and she was hospitalized with that. When she has came she was under influence of strong psychiatric drugs, obviously out of reality. But let´s start right from the begining. This is her story:

She was born as a 3rd child, one and only girl, into the family with strict catholic mother, who was the comander of the house. As a good litle girl she had tried pleased mum as much as she could to deserve her love. She had fulfiled all mother ´s wishes and suppressed hard her own needs and emotions down. She had never complained about it. In a little while she had forgot to think about herself and what she wanted for herself.

Her parents quarreled a lot and mother had moved straight to her room and she staied there even for the peiod of time when my pacient become to a young woman.  She didn´t want to share room with her mother but she was scared of her and so she didn´t say anything to her.

The same model of submissive behaviour she practiced at the school. No wonder that other kids has quickly sensed her weakness point and they had stratted  bullying her. Quarrels and tension at home, bullying at the school. Her live has turned into the hell. There´s no suprise that she was ill very often. Inflamation of middle ear or bladder had become alternated with migreanes during of her whole primar school.

Necessity to pleased her mother and got just A on her school exams, transition on high school, more learning, unhappy love  in her 14…all of it culminated into the deep dark state. She hasn´t be able to see anything positive in her life. Just learning quite often past the night, broken heart, quarrels, bullying…  Her psychic state had become worse and worse and in her head had apeared „ a bad voice“ whith constantly criticizing and blaming her for eveything what happened. At the end she had believed that she is an evil and that she had coused all misdoing what are going on around her. Her head had started „boiling“, she saw everything depraved. She had stopped eating and losted a lot of weight. The last year at the high school she had been shut down to a mental hospital and started to take psychiatric drugs.

Mustering all her strength and she had finaly graduated on high school and went to university. She felt in love with a boy – but how it sometimes happen to be– when someone isn´t  in good psychic state, doesn´t  attrack to the right ones, but just another dissapointment.  This  boy wasn´t  a good choice for her. Anyway she wasn´t able to split with him  and long 4 and half years she had persisted in a bad relationship. She completly yielded to illusion that she is bad person and that she doesn´t deserve anything good.

In the matter of the facts, she had finaly separated from him and she had gone on a pilgrimage to Copostella. She has found a new boyfriend. He was kind and she totaly felt in love with him.

She had started to live with him and eventualy they were planying marriage. Everything seemed to be ok, but her disease has come back to her. At that time she was just about to finishing university and too much stress with the university was going on. She wasn´t able to concentrated to study and with all that emotions about falling in love was too overwhelming for her. Sudenly all had become to fit into the old paterns.

Felt into the wrongdoing and she was fulling herself with self-reproach. Coming throught all of this, her head started „boilling“ again. Thousands of thoughts all at once, she had started blamed herself or her boyfriend for that. From the huge pressure she thought her head was just about to burst. After quarrel with her mother she had another attack, she was sitting in the bathroom, body shaking and choking herself. After that she was arguing with her boyfriend again. Her condition has deteriorated so much that and she had seen a yellow monster instead of him. She couldn´t recognised what is reality and what is only her imagination.

These states of mind had repeated and she had become stressed out, fearfull, she had had many of delusions, without a normal life at all. Her boyfriend got terrified. He couldn´t handled the situation and broken up with her. So she had moved  into her parents house in possition of „child whitch needs help“ again.

Fortunately her father has found out that he has to figure out another treatment for her and he brought her to me.

Analysis of the case: we see a litle girl, brought up strictly to obedience, which had been trying to pleased everyone so long, that she lost herself and succumbed to delusion that she is bad so deeply that psychotic schisophernia has developed. After treatment by psychopharmacias her period stopped and she completely losted her joy, her will and finaly even herself.


I gave her remedy Mancinela 1M.


Follow up 14 days after remedy: Headake had almost gone, bad voice in her head had disappeared, she has had more energy, last 2 days she had felt much better and she had been more active, but still not self-sufficient.

Follow up one month after remedy – August 2020: she had repeated remedy once after she had met her ex-fiance and definetly broked up with him. She had felt much better than before remedy, her menstruation had came back, she had seems to had more energy. Step by step she had set psychiatric drugs down. She had stoped blame herself, no bad voice in her head, no fears. She had looked up for a flat to rent to moved from her parents house.

Follow up on September 2020: she had been fine, she hadn´t need to take repeat remedy, she had gone to work, has found a new flat, does joging, enyoing life with friends, without fears, no anxieties. She even has started comunicate with her ex-fiance and they have kept in touch.

Follow up October 2020: she had been fine, She has reunioned relationship with her ex-fiance, she has felt happy. No headache, with regularly menstruating, good sleep, enough energy.

Next follow ups had become very similar each others. Now she is happy and contented young woman with no fears, no pains, no manifestation of schizophrenia. She is healthy, enyoing her life and looking forward to get married with beloved man.

Last time she repeated Mancinela 1M was January 2021 when she had a mild course of Covid 19.

Last remedy I gave her Silicea 30, becouse she had lost smell and taste after Covid 19. Within one week smell and taste were back.


Mancinella is the most poisonous tree in the world, colloquially referred to as „devilś apple“. Fruits looks like ugly greenbrown apple and are enormously poisonous. It responds in homeopathic picture of the remedy, which is about evil. Patient feels as a pure evil, to be possesed by evil spirit. It is very unpleasant state of soul, which this remedy is able to cure.

Thanks God that Hahneman discovered homeopathy and we can help our patinets such a elegant and gentle way…  Without wishing to be unkind, I can´t imagine how different should be life of this young woman if it hadn´t been for homeopathy…


Petra Cihlarova